Bespoke And Comissions

“By creating your very own perfume you are distinct from even the most expensive, exclusive, off the shelf versions.”

Your personal blend belongs to you & only you. Nobody else in the world will have the same perfume!

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‘A beautiful expression of a person’s own individuality, which no one else will own.’

Bespoke Candles and Home Fragrance

Home is where the heart is and your sanctuary is what you make it. Take it to the next level with a unique flare and a touch of finesse with HUMOS bespoke candles and home fragrances.

Comissioning your own candles and home fragrances allows you to portray your personality and change the mood of your home.

Change you personal fragrance with the seasons? Why not also do this for your home! Fragrance is a powerful medium that can transform a space from a simple box with 4 walls into something more special.

Bespoke perfume and personal fragrance

A bespoke fragrance is a beautiful expression of a person’s own individuality, which no one else will own.

Fragrance goes beyond just a simple, nice smelling scent. It can guide you through and envoke a range of emotions accross the spectrum.

When you comission your own fragrance, you have complete creative freedom; from the the colours to the scents to the experience. Our perfumer will follow your brief and create a fragrance you’ll love to wear.

Business identification, certification and creation

Scent is a powerful medium that can affect your customers and clients in various ways. We help you take advantage of this effect so you can tell the story of your company or increase sales and brand awareness with a scent logo.

Although many consumers struggle to recall visual aspects of their daily lives, everyone remembers a particular association with a fragrance when they are exposed to that scent again. Create a new USP with a bespoke fragrance that keeps you in the mind of your clients.

As this is a bespoke service we will work with you to acheive your scent goals but as a guide, other companies we have worked with have used a bespoke scent to drive in-store sales by creating a euphoric-like effect when browsing or that ‘buy now’ feeling.

Private labellings

We also offer an in-house white labelling service, either drawing from our current product library and re-branding to suit your company branding or we can create a product from the scent product through to the packaging and labelling to help you launch your own range of scented products.

Business and commercial events

Corporate events: Are you planning a new product launch, exhibiting at a conference or inviting your clients to an exclusive event? We can create a range of corporate branded gifts providing your clients with a memorable token.

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