Bespoke Candles and Refills

After visiting our blend bar or completing a one-to-one session, we can encapsulate your custom scent into one of our candle vessels... or simply choose a scent from our ever-evolving scent library!

We also offer a bespoke refill service for all our crystal candle vessels, or bring your own in for a custom quote.

Please contact us for further information on this service or drop by and see us in person.

Bespoke Reed Diffusers & Room Mists

Create a welcoming, uplifting scent that truely reflects you and your home. We can guide you through the different scents and combinations available and help you craft the perfect piece for your home.


Natural Perfumery

Scent is a powerful thing, conjuring up memories of past hopes and future ambitions, loves and loses, joy and even anger. It is a defining defining trait of every individual we meet and even an iconic symbol of many brands.

Our Scent Experts can create a completely bespoke and memorable scent for you or your brand, leaving a positive, impactful memory in the minds of the people you encounter. 

Ready to get started?