Private Party and Events at HUMOS Natural Perfumery

Private Party Events

Impress your guests with a unique location and experience for your private function or party.

A private party or event opens our Atelier and showroom to your guests during one of our many experiences including where your guests can blend either a bespoke perfume of their own creation, a custom candle or a home perfumery piece such as a bespoke reed diffuser or room mist.

Your group will be in their own private area with the private experience lead by our head perfumer.

All equipment and materials are included as part of your private fragrance party or event but pricing varies depending on the number of guests and which experience you will be partaking in. Please contact us for a quote.

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Couples Fragrance Creation Experience

Fragrance is the key to our memories. Recall fond memories and create new ones together whilst you delight in a unique fragrance creation experience.

You both will work to craft a 50ml fragrance that encompasses both of you over a 3 hour period.

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Wedding Events

Make your special day that much more special with a custom designed personal fragrance or fragrance gifts for attendees.

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Team Building Events

Through the unique medium of scent we help to bring together your staff with a bespoke scent creation workshop. This fun and creative event will help form an emotional connection between your staff and organisation, building a more resilient team.

Each team member will learn and work both individually and part of a team whist they craft their very own unique personal fragrance, home fragrance or candle. They will make decisive decisions that impact their final product as well as taking responsibility for their entire creation from start to finish.

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