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Smell that? That's your imagination and creativity finally being set free...

HUMOS is a natural perfumery that believes a fragrance, perfume or scent should be just as unique as your signature and as defining as what you wear. Through our workshops and experiences we explore the world of fine fragrance whilst guiding you towards creating your very own signature scent that you can fall in love with over and over again.

Become a perfumer for a day and unleash your creativity with our fragrance making workshops and experiences.

Fragrance commissions

Bottle a memory or dream and re-live it forever.

Commission our perfumer to capture your olfactive dreams and bring them to life through a fragrance that is completely unique to you.

Commission a fragrance to wear Commission a fragrance for your home

Workshops that make
work feel like play.

Unleash your creativity, no matter your passion


For Candle Lovers

Light your creativity on fire with one of our inspiring, hand-guided candle making workshops in Reading.

explore candle making workshops

For Fragrance Fans

Let your nose guide you in creating a unique fragrance you'll simply love to wear time and time again.

Explore fragrance making experiences

For Ambiance Artisans

Scent-scape to your heart's desire with our home fragrance making experiences and workshops.

Explore home fragrance workshops

Something for everyone

Explore all of our workshops and experiences and find something you'll love taking part in.

Explore all workshops and experiences

Our ears are burning

Participant Reviews

"A very special event for those you love to be given the opportunity to create a personal perfume to match one’s own olfactory preferences. Top recommendation."

"We had a lot of fun on this experience. The host was very passionate and made us feel welcome. The experience itself was mind opening and unique!!"

"We came in not sure what we were going to do! But we left loving the fragrances and having smelt new and interesting smells we hadn't before. We loved being able to ask questions and finding out about some of the fragrances we encountered. Thanks Gabrielle!"

"Excellent experience I really recommend."

"Our experience was simply amazing! Thank you, Gabriel... ...Gabriel went above and beyond in making us feel comfortable. My friend Ana and I learned a great deal about perfumes and what makes us so important in our lives. A great experience overall - Thank you!"

"Gabriel was very warm and welcoming. He has huge knowledge and passion for fragrances. He delivers his knowledge with charm and gave my wife and me a wonderful experience.""

Olfactory art exhibitions

The Perfumer’s Garden:

Seasons and Sensations — A Reinterpretation of Renaissance Art

Where History’s palette meets the perfumer’s craft. Step into ‘The Perfumer’s garden: Seasons and Sensations’ where the mastery of Bosch, Botticelli and Arcimboldo meets the innovative realm of fragrance through AI collaboration to craft a new reinterpretation of Renaissance art.

View upcoming exhibitions
Wedding ideas

Your lives together, bottled.

For milestone moments such as your wedding

Create a fragrance that encapsulates and reflects you journey together as a couple as you work together as a team to create a fragrance you both can wear.

Couples Fragrance Making Exprience

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