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Olfactory Art

Olfactory art is an incredibly unique and exciting way for artists to express themselves. It's been gaining popularity in recent years, and it's not hard to see why. The idea of using scent as a medium for artistic expression is truly captivating and grabs people's attention instantly.

Scent has been traditionally used in perfumery, aromatherapy and aromachology, but olfactory art takes it to a whole new level. It's not just about making us feel good, but using scent in a creative and expressive way to communicate ideas and convey emotions that people can truly connect with.

The possibilities are endless. Olfactory art can take the form of installations, perfumes, scented sculptures and more. Plus, the medium can be experienced through different delivery systems, like diffusers, sprays, or even heat or sound to release the scent.

Olfactory art is an incredibly innovative and exciting way to explore the sense of smell and its role in artistic expression. It makes us think differently about scent and how it can be used to create powerful and meaningful art that speaks to our emotions and senses in a way that traditional art forms just can't match. Below are some of the most recent olfactory art exhibitions hosted by our perfumer:

The Scent Of Colour Exhibition in Reading by HUMOS
Fragrant Words: The Art of Scent in English Literature

An olfactory exploration of literary masterpieces that transcends the boundaries of the traditional reading experience. Discover the powerful role of scent in storytelling and its ability to transport readers to other realms.

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The Scent Of Colour Exhibition in Reading by HUMOS
THE SCENT OF COLOUR: A Social Exploration Exhibition

An olfactive art exhibition that brings together colour and scent in a new and interactive format that will open your eyes and nose to the world of Synaesthesia.

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The invisible dress exhibition in Reading by HUMOS
The Invisible Dress

Perfumer Gabriel De Carvalho welcomes you to The Invisible Dress: An innovative, sensory awareness exhibition that brings together scent and sight to tantalise participants.

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