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Boost your business with a Scent Logo

Scent is a powerful branding tool that can increase brand loyalty, boost sales and win over customers in-store.

Increase brand awareness

by linking your brand with a unique, memorable scent.

Drive customer loyalty

by envoking certain emotions with your scent logo.

Boost sales

by tilising your scent logo within your marketing stratagy.

The Scent Logo

When customers think about you and your brand, is there something that stands out? A scent logo is like your brands signature; unique to you. The marketing goal behind a scent logo is a simple but effective one: be recognisable and memorable through smell, not just looks.

Humans are sensory shoppers; we buy clothing that looks good, food that tastes good and products that feel good. Unlock another sensory shopping level with a scent logo.

When you commission a scent logo from HUMOS, our perfumer will work with you to develop a scent that is unique, memorable, and one that truly represents your brand and ethos.

Your scent logo will be created exclusively for your company and will help you stand out in an ever-crowded market.

Sensory Branding

Whether it’s a product launch, gallery opening or a themed event, Sensory Branding can enhance the experience of the event for your guests, leaving a positive, lasting impression.

Your sensory branding can be created to compliment your scent logo if you have one.


White labelling

Choose from our extensive range of tried and tested fragranced products to launch your own brand with as little set-up as possible.

As part of our white labelling service, we can simply provide the products unbranded or brand your items to your specifications prior to delivery.

Corporate Gifts

From bespoke candles to fragrances to diffusers to room mists and everything in-between that’s fragranced… our range of customised products make ideal corporate gifts to reward staff or thank your valued clients for their custom.

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