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Discover the healing power of scents through Aromachology

What is Aromachology?

Aromachology examines the relationship and influence of scents on human behaviour, feelings and emitions. Put simpy, it helps to uncover which scents have a real impact on you, what the therapeutic aspect of that impact is and how to use this to help improve your well-being.

with HUMOS Aromachology, we also include all the physical benefits associated with aromathearpy but without the constraints and limitations of certain oils.

Through Aromachology, HUMOS can develop a bespoke range of therapeutic treatments and products that you respond to, both physically and physiologically.

This response could be simply recalling a a fond choldhood memory or a loved one past, improving the mind for a better night's sleep or even increasing the overall energy and feeling of openness within your home.

How Aromachology can help you

Mental: Life can be stressful... HUMOS Aromachology products and servicds factor in your mental well-being by using positive, calming triggers to help keep stress, anxiety and any overwhelming senses in check.

Physical: Skin concern? Physical pain? HUMOS Aromachology tailor-make products and treatments unique to your concerns which can increase their impact and effectiveness.

Emotional: Certain smells may trigger an olfactory flashback or a feeling/memory unique to you... giving you a sense of positivity that can impact your life and surroundings.

The 4 step Aromachology Journey

Step 1: The initial consultation

The initial Aromachology Consultation is the foundation for all of our Aromachology services and products. This consultation explores your relationship with various odours and scents, uncovering which of these benefits you physically and mentally. You will also gain a greater understanding as to why certain smells impact on you the way in which they do

Step 2: Trialing your sample blends at home

Upon completion of your consultation you will be presented with 3 custom-blended samples to take home with you and to try. Your Aromachologist will provide you with instructions for each blend and what effect each blend should provide during and after.

Step 3: The follow-up consultation and blend adjustments

On your follow-up consultation you and your Aromachologist will explore which of the sample blends affected you the most and to what extent. You may discover that more than one blend had an impact and that different blends have greater impacts at different times throughout the day, with each working in harmony rather than seperatly.

At this stage your Aromachologist may tweak, refine or reformulate your blends based on your experiencea nd feedback.

Step 4: The product and treatment creation

Now that your blends have been finalised your Aromachologist will discuss with you which products and/or treatments would be the best fit for what you are looking to acheive with your unique blends.

Aromachology Products and Treatment Options

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