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Bespoke Home Fragrance

With a commissioned fragrance you’ll be able to capture a dream and bring it to life, bottle a memory or moment and re-live it forever or even create something that words simply cannot define. A commissioned fragrance from HUMOS offers you limitless possibilities and opportunities to create your defining fragrance, one that no one has ever worn or will ever wear and is completely unique to you.



The time to complete a bespoke or commissioned fragrance for your home varies and is dependant on the brief and what type of home fragrance you would like to create..

Depending on what home fragrance you are looking to create, we can encapsulate your bespoke commissioned scent in either a reed diffuser, candle or room spray.
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A commissioned home fragrance from HUMOS offers you limitless possibilities and opportunities to create a defining fragrance for your home, one that is completely unique and complementary to your space.

Further Details

  • Reed diffuser, room spray or candle
  • Designed and made for you
  • Created by our perfumer

What you'll be doing.

Every dream begins with a story. Our fragrance expert will listen to yours. Delve deep to bring your deepest emotions alive, reach into your sweetest memories and set them free. Capture that precious moment in a scent you can truly call your own.

What's included.

Depending on which package you choose, you will be presented with a reed diffuser, room spray or candle, created to meet your exact specifications. Your dream home fragrance is yours, captured forever in a bottle or candle. Your secret formula will be kept on file for your exclusive use only.

Bespoke Home Fragrance